Fees and Terms of Payment

All registration and tuition fees (complete or by installments) must be included at the time of registration and before the start of lessons or courses. Students re-registering must have paid fees from previous year. Instruction will not begin until teachers have been notified by the school that the student file is complete and all fees have been paid.

Les leçons ne débuteront pas avant que l’enseignant ait été avisé par l’École que les paiements ont été reçus et que le dossier est en ordre.

Registration fees

$30 individual
$50 family
Payable at time of registration

Tuition fees

See the registration form for detailed fees

10% rebate on tuition for the 2nd or 3rd registration in the immediate family

Fee adjustments will be made for students starting private lessons or courses (when possible) mid-term. Post-dated cheques are due at time of registration. For group courses, complete term payment is due at time of registration.

Private lessons

Fall term (16 weeks) + Winter term (20 weeks) = Full year (36 weeks)

1 complete payment for the full year (in September)


2 payments (Fall term in September & Winter term in January of the current year)


9 monthly installments (in Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec, Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May of the current year)

Group Courses

Fall term (15 weeks)
Winter term (20 weeks)

1 payment per term (Fall term in September, Winter term in January)


Students will be invoiced for all other fees incurred (see below.) Payment is due upon receipt. A monthly late fee of 2% will be added to overdue payments.


A per-student registration fee of $10 will be charged to student accounts for participation in each solo concert. These fees are non-refundable. For parents, family or friends wishing to attend the 10 a.m. final Concert and Awards ceremony, tickets ($10 per adult) will be available at the door.


Scores and books needed for each course of study (instrument, theory) will be ordered and supplied by the school and charged to student accounts. Photocopies are not permitted. (+ GST, PST)


Instrument rental fees are $20 per month. (+ GST, PST)


Students taking house exams will be charged a flat rate of $40 for the totality of the current year's examination sessions.

For students registering for external practical and theory examinations of the Académie de musique du Québec or the École de musique Vincent-d’Indy, examination fees will be charged to student accounts. These fees are non-refundable (except for class trips or medical reasons accompanied by a doctor’s note.)

Competitions and Festivals

Students who wish to participate in competitions and festivals may do so, but all fees must be paid directly to the event or through the teacher at time of registration. These fees will not be charged to student accounts and are non-refundable.


Students who need an accompanist must expect and plan for additional fees.

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