Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The school is located at 5601 Wellington at the corner of Osborne Street in a residential neighbourhood. Easily accessible by car, there is parking in front of the school and on side streets. The school can also be reached by public transportation: de l’Église metro + 58 bus.

Do you rent instruments?

We have a few small violins (1/8, ¼, ½) available for rental at $20/mo. For other instruments, the teacher can advise concerning purchase or rental options.

I only have a small keyboard at home; can I start piano lessons anyways?

Small electronic keyboards may resemble pianos, but are far from being the real thing. Although a few basics can be learned on this type of instrument, the student won’t be able to properly practice piano techniques such as posture, position and touch. Once lessons have started in earnest, we recommend the purchase of a new or used piano. A used upright piano in good condition (approximately $1500-2000) doesn’t lose its value when resold if it has been properly maintained. One may also purchase a new traditional or digital piano.

Do I have to buy my own music scores?

The school takes care of ordering quality scores at reasonable prices. Scores are distributed to students and invoiced accordingly. A 10% discount is granted on individual scores or books costing more than $20. Students must purchase their scores as photocopies are not permitted.

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